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Artificial Intelligence Do-It-Yourself: Course Outline

Updated: Mar 2

How To Build Your Career In Artificial Intelligence?

Welcome again to my course, ‘How To Build Your Career In Artificial Intelligence — Do-It-Yourself Course’, which introduces a learning framework for beginners to get into AI.I introduced the course in the last post. let's have a look at the course outline in this post.

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You learnt about the four-phase AI DIY framework in the last post. Let's see what there inside each phase.

This is the big picture of the course, it depicts what covered inside the four phases of the framework. Navigate is the very first phase of your AI journey, where you need to understand the overall landscape before diving deep. AI being such a vast field, it is customary to know what is where and how these components are related. ‘Navigating the landscape’ is where you will get to know ‘why AI is important?’, ‘what is AI?’, ‘difference between various terminologies used interchangeably’, ‘brief history of AI’ etc. Before diving deep, it is always a good idea to know what you are getting into. In ‘end-to-end process’ module, you will get to know ‘what an AI project looks like?’ and ‘who does what in an AI project?’. Build phase covers all the concepts, processes, tools you need to learn and the resources you need to refer to gain the required knowledge. A solid understanding of the concepts and tools is required in any field, AI is no different. ‘Working on building blocks’ module is about what concepts and tools you need to be well versed within the AI field. What are the core and peripheral concepts? Which tools do you need to master? etc. Internet is full of resources, not all resources are equally useful. It is worthwhile to know which are the resources which are worth investing your time. Launch is the phase where you build your portfolio, network with like-minded professionals and start looking for a job. Nobody knows what you know unless you showcase your skills. ‘Building your portfolio’ module focuses on what you need to do in order to build a solid portfolio. Whether you want to join an organization or you want to work as a freelancer, networking is becoming more and more important. In ‘networking & landing the job’ module, we will look at how to network like a pro and will also learn how to land a job in your area of interest. Excel phase details out how you can stay up to date & excel in this ever-evolving field. If you are a working professional and if you have built your skills in the AI field, you would like to explore opportunities within your current organization. ‘Switching to an AI role’ module deals with all what you need to do in order to look or create an opportunity with your current employer. If you are a mid-level professional and your organization has recently asked you to explore how it can leverage AI capabilities, this module is for you. ‘Leading AI initiatives’ covers all the dos and don’ts of leading AI initiatives in an organization. AI is an ever-evolving field. Technologies and frameworks are changing rapidly, it is going harder and harder to catch-up with the pace of AI evolution. ‘Making career future-proof’ module deals with opportunities and challenges around AI advancements and how you can meet them. Lets again put all the pieces together to have a look at the big picture to know what is where in the framework. So what’s next? In the next post, I will look at the first phase of the AI-DIY framework, Navigate. We will cover all the aspects of this phase in detail. The framework mentioned here is captured in my book ‘DS/AI Self-Starter Handbook’ which you can order from I hope you find this post useful, stay tuned for more, any feedback would be highly appreciated.

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