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Becoming Data-Driven (Series)

This is the pilot post of blog post series ‘Becoming Data-Driven’, this post covers the table of content & links to related posts topic-wise.

I would like to mention that each topic mentioned here is a field of study in itself (with further sub-fields), what I am trying here is to give you an overview and an approach on every topic related to data-driven business. I encourage you to explore these topics further on your own and build an understanding for yourself.

There has not been a more exciting time than this to talk about data. Data is everywhere, it is being called the new oil, it has become a strategic asset. An organization’s success or failure is now quite dependent on whether it is able to exploit the business value of the data available to them.

In this blog post series I am going to cover an approach for an organization or business to become data-driven. Why a data strategy is important? How we can align it to business strategy? Which areas to focus on to become data-driven? Which are the emerging technologies available to enable us in our data-driven journey? When to use which technology? Why data science is just a part of the whole puzzle? Why data governance is so important? How it enhances the business value of data? Which aspects of data governance are critical? Why data-literacy is important for business? How it can help building data-driven culture? I will explore all these areas and will provide answers to these questions.

I plan to organize my blog posts under following titles:

  1. Data-Driven, What & Why?

  2. Building Data Strategy

  3. Exploiting Emerging Technologies

  4. Applying Data Governance

  5. Building Data-Driven Culture

In the next post we will be discussing about ‘Data-Driven, What & Why?’, please stay tuned for upcoming posts in this blog post series.

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Originally published at on December 22, 2017.

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