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What I covered in ‘Analytics Induction’ session?

Analytics Induction Session

Recently, I got a chance to interact with a bunch of college freshers / analytics enthusiasts, occasion was full day ‘Analytics Induction’ session. The objective of the session was to touch upon most of the aspects of analytics, to give the participants an end to end overview of analytics industry as of today.

Here is the outline of the session I conducted:

Analytics Agenda

  1. Analytics Foundation

In this section, we covered basics of analytics i.e. why analytics is important? what is analytics? history of analytics etc.

Analytics Applications

  1. Analytics Lifecycle

In this section, we covered how a typical analytics project in an industry looks like, covering all the steps involved from identifying analytics opportunity to deploying analytics solution.

Analytics Lifecycle

We also discussed different charts & graphs used in analytics & what to use when?

Analytics Data Visualization

  1. Analytics Tools & Techniques

In this section, we discussed about the tools & techniques used in analytics projects.

Analytics Tools

Analytics Techniques

  1. Analytics Case Study

After covering all the theoretical aspects of analytics, we engaged in an activity where we divided the audience in the teams and each team worked on different case study and then they presented their findings.

Analytics Case Study

If you missed the session but would like to catch-up by having a look at the deck, here is the link:

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