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Your DS Story S01E11: Rahul Tiwari (Cognitior)

‘Your DS Story’ is my attempt to bridge the gap between data science professionals & data science aspirants. Here new crop of data scientists will share their experiences, struggles, achievements & their advice so that data science aspirants/enthusiasts can learn and get inspired.

Rahul Tiwari trains and consults organizations and individuals on Business Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning. Since 11 years he has been helping students and organizations in various domains like retail, telecom, life sciences, finance etc. in solving their business problems using Data Science, Business Analytics and Machine Learning.

1. Please tell us a bit about your background?

I did my engineering from NIT Surat and I am actually a Civil engineer. I had a passion for computers and languages from school days and I started coding and created some of the civil softwares as well.

I started my career with Accenture in year 2007 and then worked for Capgemini, Tech Mahindra and then Deloitte. I have 12+ years of industry experience till date and that helped me to move to teaching so that I can help my students to get good career.

As of now, I have am working for my own company Cognitior with a motto of quality technical education. We deal in Business Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and many more cool technologies.

Data itself excites me a lot and I wanted to explore the data. Actually, from any data I an try to come up with the story and most of the times it make lot of sense when I come up with the story. Apart from that I feel that I am a good programmer and have passion to learn new tools and technology along with Statistics and mathematics. Overall, I think after Cricket this is the only thing I can think of.

2. What projects you are working these days?

I have various projects as of now where I am working on but mostly the projects are related to course creation of Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

As we believe in quality education, the main thing we are considering is the real time use cases which my students will able to understand without any problem.

In teaching domain, everyday is challenging because we get lots and lots of interesting questions from students across different background, location across the globe. And to solve their doubts sometimes it is challenging and lot of research required.

I was always a top performer in my past companies and that motivated me to start my own company so that I will help young generation to grow and learn. I have various students and about the feedback 95% plus students gave me excellent feedback and that is purely because of my team at the back-end working for me to create quality content.

3. How your day to day job looks like?

I work almost 18*7 and most of my time goes over the weekends on classes back to back and on weekdays we do lot of Research and develop quality content for our students. As a global instructor I cannot teach same thing again and again as I need variety on the content and every-time I need new use cases so that I did not feel that I am doing the same job again and again and because of that I have lots of use cases with me which I use in all my classes.

Weekdays — I spend time on content creation and research and development

Weekends — I do not get time for me, weekends are dedicated to my students 20*2

We are expanding our skills and we spend lot of time reading.

4. How you started with DS or transitioned into DS?

I started data science when I joined Deloitte, it is the best and dynamic company where I never stick to one technology for more than 6 months. I learnt a lot and spend almost 16 hours per day working on various projects. I worked on lot of Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence projects.

The main challenge I faced on data cleaning and performance tuning of the reports. Overall, I tuned two Tableau reports which were taking 40 mins to open and after tuning it took 5 seconds. And I feel proud and do self-crowing every-time when I get chance.

5. What advice would you like to give to DS starters or DS transitioners?

Data Science is really a vast subject, I would suggest to start with basics and don’t try to jump. Even, I learn new concepts everyday. It is never ending process. You just have to read read and read. And, if you really have passion to explore the data then only this is good for you, else better to choose any other career.

Do not come tom data Science domain if you looking for salary hike, come to data science if you have passion to work with the data. Money will come along.

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